Friday, October 10, 2008

Hollywood Security & The Art of War

Many blogs have a niche. I was thinking about things that would make this space stand out. I use a lot of analogies when I do presentations or teach. People have told me that I can break things down to the lowest level. I use things such as movies quotes to draw comparisons.

This works very well. My close friend Johnny Long has an awesome talk called Hollywood Hacking that drills this point home. As I see movies that I learn something from I will share the lessons through this blog.

I'm not just talking about techie or sci-fi. I learn lessons from all genres including Children Movies. If nothing else television and movies ensure that I learn something new everyday.

I will also draw content out of the Art of War to blog about security as well. As you can tell with my company name I'm kind of into the "Sun Tzu - Art of War" thing. The overall mission is to use this blog as tool to convey my crazy way of looking at things.

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