Sunday, October 12, 2008

Keeping Up "Secure" Appearances

As I was in the airport on the way back from Copenhagen, BBC World News was playing on one of the displays when a familiar pop-up appeared on the bottom right hand portion of the screen. Obviously there was a networked computer sending video throughout the airport.

Although I don't know the overall network security posture of the airport, this didn't look good. Of all security hardening procedures, "Up-to-date Antivirus" is pretty high on everyone's list. Sometimes good security is simply appearing to be secure. In the military they teach you that the appearance of a hard target can deter attacks. In security we must get the little things right.

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  1. I have seen things like this in various airports and even train stations. Matter of fact, I was in a public train station (I won't disclose which one) and the schedule monitor was connected an a PC which whose internal components were exposed as it was wedged onto the steel beams on the ceiling. Check out my blog for pictures.