Saturday, October 11, 2008

NSA's Mac OS X Panther Security Configuration Guide

The NSA's Apple Mac OS X v10.3.x "Panther" Security Configuration Guide.

After reviewing the guide I felt sorry for all the Macs that have to be mutilated to perform in a secure environment.
According to NSA:

"All wireless capability, such as AirPort and Bluetooth, should be physically disabled in secure environments. Disabling or modifying the hardware will likely void the warranty on the machine if not performed by an Apple Certified Technician."

It gets much worse for the poor Macbooks in the document. This is no surprise of course when you have to be in a secure environment. The thing that makes a Mac great is all the goodies that you would have to disable to comply with NSA's standard.

Why not just get a PC instead :) ?

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