Sunday, October 19, 2008

Who Needs a Shredder?

If you have an open fireplace you probably know you can get rid of documents the old fashioned way "Burn them!". Some of the "personal use" shredders are dreadfully slow and can be expensive ($200+). For a great alternative to get rid of sensitive personal documents I recommend purchasing a small fire pit.

Many high security facilities use fire to destroy sensitive documents. At my first duty station in the Navy I had the pleasure of collecting "burn bags" and destroying them.
The fire pit always attracts a crowd so you can get some conversation and roast marshmallows while you secure your private information. Something like the fire pit above will only run you around $70. That's great for entertainment and security.

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  1. Great Idea, I myself bought a shredder for around $80. A word of caution when using fire though. Do not use your fireplace to burn paper as it can float upwards and leave flammable bits of paper on the inside of your chimney.