Thursday, November 6, 2008

DojoSec November 2008 Wrap-up

DojoSec November 2008 went well. I want to thank the Sun Tzu Data Newsletter members who attended the event. Also, I'd like to give a special thanks to all the friends of Sun Tzu Data for lending a hand.

Brian Baskin delivered an excellent talk on Bit Torrent (BT). Few in the industry understand BT as well as Brian. His research on the technology is mind-boggling as he is able to break the technology down to binary and hex with clarity. Thanks Brian :)!

Bruce Potter followed up with great talk raising eyebrows on the "Current State of Information Assurance". Bruce made some excellent points regarding the lack of progress in the computer security industry over the last 20 years. Bruce opened a lot of eyes with his analysis of the industry as well as his legendary delivery.

Bruce drilled home the point that if someone is properly equipped and wants to attack your organization; you're 0wn3d (owned). In this talk, Bruce highlighted statistical analysis techniques he has used with Netflow data to find compromised systems in real-world network intrusions. Thanks Bruce!

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