Monday, December 1, 2008

Big Fat Greek Internet Cafe

Internet Cafes are often used to do illegal bidding. I had the pleasure of visiting this one in Athens, Greece. This one was 99% illegal (Even in Europe). From what I understand, this is common in Europe. I wonder if the U.S. has this sort of blatant illegal Internet activity in its Cafes. Law enforcement seems to be tougher in the States.

The young man working as staff was nice enough to pose for a picture. He allowed me take pictures of the place, since I was a tourist and never seen anything like this :).

All of the computers below had almost every computer game imaginable loaded on them. If the computer doesn't have a game on them, you could install whatever you wanted.

I did a bit of shoulder surfing to see exactly what users were doing. In the photo below, a young lady was downloading music on Limewire. Since she had earphones on, she didn't notice I was so close. She was blasting illegal tunes and enjoying every minute of it.

The Cafe sold blank CDs and DVDs, in case you wanted to burn anything you downloaded. All the content you want for 2 Euros per hour (Sweet!). Just imagine how much malicious code resides on this network.


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