Monday, December 22, 2008

SUMO Linux on a Thumbdrive

From my colleague Jonathan Bennett~

Here are the steps I took:

1. Download TRK Linux

2. Install TRK Linux on thumbdrive:

trk2usb -d {DEVICE} (optional) -s 4000'

I did this because when I tried to create a bootable partition as number 4 as described here: it did not seem to work properly. I think now that maybe it did, but I didn't give it enough time.

3. Delete all TRK Linux files

4. Copy all SUMO files to the disk modify autoexec.inf so the thumbdrive doesn't identify itself as "SUMO Live CD"

5. Create /boot/syslinux directory. Download all files from and save them to the /boot/syslinux folder.

6. Run "Syslinux.exe -d /boot/syslinux :" from the syslinux folder (as administrator if using Vista)

I had to do this in Windows. Syslinux in Linux will not install because it doesn't like the structure of the FAT32 partition for some reason.

7. Boot to thumbdrive - be patient if the Syslinux prompt comes up to "boot:" sometimes it takes a couple of seconds to get to the menu.

8. I think following the commands on klikit's website should work for formatting the drive, just make sure that the space allotted is big enough to allow the whole DVD to be copied in.


Hit me up on Twitter Marcus J. Carey, let me know how this worked.

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