Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Next Generation of Security Professionals

Wow, Shmoocon 2009 was great! I made a short post a couple of weeks ago about the value of Twitter. Shmoocon solidified my belief in Twitter. I met several Security Twits at Shmoocon and I found that we already had rapport based on tweets (messages on Twitter).

The thing I take away from Shmoocon is how refreshing it was to see the next generation of security professionals. I honestly learned more outside in the hallways and firetalks than in the official accepted talks. It was an unbelievable networking opportunity. This is coming from someone who tweeted, "Why do people go to hacker conferences?" a while back.

I made the most of the opportunity and met as many people as possible. I made many connections at Shmoocon that I know will last long-term. There are plenty of hard working "hackers" that are just as concerned about security as any "CISSP" I've ever met. These are brilliant people who don't necessarily conform to conventional wisdom.

Now, that's my type of people. These people are the future of national security and we need to listen to them in order to defend our country, seriously. I look forward to attending more "hacker" cons in the near future.

P.S. Props to Mubix for setting up Podcasters Meetup and Firetalks.


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