Tuesday, March 3, 2009

DojoSec Monthly Briefings - March 5, 2009 - Talk Added

I'm happy to announce we have added a talk.

Subject: Snort - The Forensic Tool?
Presenter: David Warren, CSC

Much has been published regarding the open source intrusion detection system software known as snort's What is less known is Snorts ability to read previously captured binary packet capture (PCAP) files from various network devices, process these files, and produce meaningful output for responders, analysts, investigators, and examiners. Snort users also have the ability to create customized rules and include within these rules any character-based or hexadecimal pattern of interest.

The Lineup:
iPhone Forensics - Walter Barr and Sean Morrissey
Snort - The Forensics Tool? - David Warren
Cyberwar is BS - Marcus J. Ranum

That's three awesome talks, I wouldn't miss this one. Sign up and RSVP now.

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