Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Update on DojoSec Monthly Briefings - March 5, 2009

Thanks to everyone for making DojoSec Monthly Briefings one of the best events in the nation. Many attendees have stepped up to the plate by offering talks. Companies, particularly Tenable Network Security, have shown unbelievable support with their leadership giving talks at the events. We are pleased to see more companies offering speakers.

The mission of DojoSec is to provide an environment for people to master the art of information security. DojoSec Monthly Briefings are an example of the commitment that we are making to accomplish this goal. After much consideration we have decided to charge an entry fee for DojoSec Monthly Briefings.

Starting immediately, DojoSec Monthly Briefings will charge an entry fee of one dollar. The one dollar fee establishes DojoSec Monthly Briefings as the most affordable information security events in human history. It definitely provides "Bang for your buck!". The one dollar entry fee will be collected at the door. Attendees are free to include a donation above the entry fee to support the effort.

Attendees need to be on the mailing list.


Marcus J. Carey


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  3. The best DojoSec Monthly Briefing to date!