Saturday, March 7, 2009

Videos from DojoSec Monthly Briefings - March 2009

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DojoSec Monthly Briefings - March 2009 - Marcus J. Ranum from Marcus Carey on Vimeo.


  1. Marcus Ranum's talk on “The Problem with Cyber War” was outstanding! Compare his talk with his presentation at HITB Malaysia October 2008 -

    Also Marcus J. Ranum recorded his talk at - his own security podcast outlet. His previous talk on Intellectual Honesty really opened my eyes. I think many people are not aware of this growing issue. Check it out.

    To download Marcus J. Ranum's brief from Thursday’s DojoSec Monthly Briefing visit and look under “Cyber Warfare and The Problem with Cyber War at DojoSec Monthly Briefings” article.

    For pictures of DojoSec Monthly Briefing March 5, 2009 visit

    I look forward to many more DMBs!


  2. [...] Marcus Ranum explains the differences between crime, terrorism and war and why he thinks the idea of cyberwar is stupid. [...]