Tuesday, April 28, 2009

DojoSec Monthly Briefings' Talks - May 7, 2009

Location: Capitol College - Laurel, Maryland
Time: 6:00 - 9:30 PM

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Title: Void Your Warranty

Speaker: Sean Wilkerson, Co-Founder Aplura


Typical enterprise network security architecture includes many solutions
(software and hardware) designed to do things such as enhance
visibility/detection of threats or stop unwanted traffic. Billions of
dollars are spent each year on security products which keep color graphs
on our executives desks, security managers at relative peace, and the
vendors in business, but what are these products missing?

The average IT Security administrator is slowly losing control of their
network with each appliance or turn-key solution they install. We will
discuss how to get back this control, hold your vendors and staff
accountable, and why this is critical.

This won't be nearly as dramatic as a Fox exclusive: "When Security
Products go Bad," however; we will discuss the larger problem and what
you can (and should) do to inspect, audit, and enhance your security

Speaker Bio:

Sean is co-founder, partner, and consultant for Aplura, a DC-area
security consulting company. Sean has spent the last decade managing IT
and Information Security systems. For the last half of that time, Sean
has traveled to several continents for many entities, with a typical
objective to enhance network visibility and reduce analyst reaction time.


Title: FISMA: It doesn't bite

Speaker: Dan Philpott, Founder FISMApedia.org


In this seminar Dan Philpott will discuss the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and the compliance regime created for it. Starting with a high level overview of FISMA the problems and possibilities, fallacies and future of the FISMA framework will be explored. The goal of this talk is to present the FISMA framework as it is intended, not a mindless exercise at paper compliance, but as guidance and method to achieve functional security scoped to the risk of operation.

Speaker Bio:

Daniel Philpott is an Information Security Consultant with OnPoint Consulting where he specializes in FISMA compliance. Daniel is founder of the FISMApedia.org wiki, a guest blogger at Guerilla-CISO.com and a FISMA instructor with Potomac Forum.


Title: Shining Flashlights in Dark Corners: The evolving role of information security on campus

Speaker: Eric Weakland, Director of Network Security, American University

Eric Weakland will trace his rise through the ranks of an emerging security organization, starting out in the late 1990s and continuing on into the increasingly regulated and formal security environment of the last few years. As concrete examples, Weakland will describe how the AU security team has approached more recent challenges such as encryption and web application security on campus. This interactive talk will include technical lessons learned from over a decade of practice with increasingly sophisticated tools, as well as valuable management lessons on how to best serve multiple, competing constituencies, in a chaotic campus IT environment.

Speaker Bio:

Eric Weakland is the Director of Network Security at American University in Washington DC. Eric has extensive experience in planning strategic initiatives to serve emergent information security needs in the Higher Education market. He holds a Bachelors degree from Carnegie Mellon University and a Masters of Science in Information Technology Management from American University's Kogod School of Business.

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