Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hack Your Degree: Secrets of Test Taking

In this video I talk about the secrets of test taking and how I did four years of college credits in 12 months (AKA Hacked my Degree). I received my Regionally Accredited Bachelor's degree from Excelsior College. I followed that up with a Master of Science from Capitol College. Click links for more on CLEP or DSST tests for college credits.


  1. Sounds encouraging.

    Speaking of history you've to cope with a mass of facts to learn. But speaking of Math there's a fundamental difference: that's applying the concepts. :)

  2. Wishi,

    You are quite right my friend. Math is a whole different animal, but I say it still can be done. It may take a long time to study, but it can be done. I always tell people there might be some things that you won't test out and recommend a community college for low tuition costs.


  3. Marcus,

    I found your blog after attending DojoSec for the first time (which is great, BTW), and I wanted to ask you a bit more about what kind of degree you ended up with from Excelsior. If I wanted to attempt all those tests that you did, is there any kind of guide I could follow to figure out what tests I need for what degree from Excelsior? Or did you document what tests you took in further detail somewhere?

    Thanks much for any guidance you can provide.