Wednesday, April 22, 2009

That Security Show - News Segment - Concept Rough Cut

DISCLAIMER: I know the audio and editing may be poor on the show segment, I'm looking for feedback on the concept only. If you can get past the roughness the content is good.

In this post I show rough footage of "That Security Show's News" segment. Even though the audio quality is poor, I'm looking for feedback on the concept. Comment here or drop me a reply on @marcusjcarey.

Shout out to Dr. Infosec, @drinfosec, for selecting the news topics. Thanks to all of the participants in this segment. Thanks for telling me to go forward with the release of this footage. I look forward to crushing this segment at the next taping.


  1. I really like the concept ... heard about this from j0emccray. You have very good *Guests* ... but please don't refer to them as "the cast"! When I heard that, I thought you'd hired actors to play the parts, and wondered where Joe would be included since he's such a professional! Otherwise -- Great job!
    PS ... Ask McCray why he FIRST attended a DEFCON gathering in Las Vegas ;-)

  2. j0e would make a fine actor and stand-up comedian :)

  3. Yes he would! And stories about his introduction to DEFCON and all the people he met from various TLA's ... they are really quite wonderful! When he wasn't being dragged off to meet people, he could be found learning how to play CTF ;-)

  4. Marcus... This is awesome. I have some ideas for the projects you are running as well as some possible content

    gimme a shou:
    admin -AT-

    -Jason Haddix