Friday, May 22, 2009

Hyper-Local Security Communities

People should concentrate more on their local area and build hyper-local security communities. It's the locals that can make the biggest impact on your life. So many people are obsessed with national level attention, but if they handle their business locally their name would blow up. This may be a bit strange to some that I'd rather be known in my area than nationally. You can trace the paths to success in many professions and see the mavens were successful on a small or local level before they achieved national fame.


  1. Excellent vlog... This is one of the reasons we created ... so that us local folk can find local infosec events to attend.

  2. Hey Marcus, I was at sans this past weekend. I went to your presentation ( I was the guy in the front from NYC). I've been trying get your email address. I've been working on my masters off and on for about a year I have some questions about the CLEP exams.

  3. email me at marcus at saecur dot com.