Monday, September 28, 2009

DojoSec Monthly Briefings - October 1, 2009

Brian Baskin and I are doing somewhat controversial talks at the Techno Forensics conference. We'd like to deliver these talks at DojoSec Monthly Briefings first, followed by an open discussion on both of our talks. See you there.

CASUAL CYBER CRIME: The Fine Line Between Social and Criminal Use
by Brian Baskin

We're living in an age of devices and applications that push the boundaries of dreams, an age of instant gratification, but also the age of Digital Rights Management and Copyright laws. With questionably illegal modifications becoming simple enough for children to use, where does the line get drawn between squeezing more functionality out of your digital devices and software and breaking felony laws? In this talk attendees will explore the justifications and rationales behind the use of questionable hardware and software modifications and understand the mentality behind why their use is rapidly catching on in the general population.

METASPONSE: Incident Response with Metasploit
by Marcus J. Carey - Director of Innovation, Saecur

The Metasploit Project has drawn the ire of many security professionals. The project maintains that it exists to provide information on exploit techniques and to create a useful resource for exploit developers and security professionals. While many may argue the merits of Metasploit, the fact remains it is one of the best free and open source security related projects on the planet. Instead of fighting these type of projects we can embrace what works for security professionals. In this talk I will show security professionals how to harness to power of Metasploit for incident response.

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